Pluggable module requirements list, extracted from the minutes of the MSA meeting held last September in Chicago.


Requirements list

(Newly added items begin with +)

  1. Compatible with different motherboard thicknesses Need to define min and max range of MB thicknesses
  2. Mezzanine height: Must meet the requirements of PMC Fig 4.8 (Y: After install, Z: during and after attach). 9.8mm does not apply at the bezel boundary.
  3. + 9mm Max protrusion from front of bezel
  4. + Module length from front of bezel to back of module is 40.56 mm
  5. Move electrical connector as far away from the optical connector as possible.
  6. 0.55" pitch for the module to include all emi solutions.
  7. Single metal cased electrical RJ-45 approx. 16mm wide (> 0.6"), all plastic approx. 0.6". Eight port harmonica 0.57" average.
  8. Easily removable (no special tool for hot plugable version) in high density belly-to belly applications
  9. Side pull Bellcore GR-326-Core 20N, 90deg.
  10. Module mounting must withstand the connector Strength of Coupling Mechanism test (IEC 1300-2-6) 40N axial load as a minimum.
  11. + The release force of the module latch must be less than the force needed to pull off or damage the guide rail system from PCB
  12. + No damage shall occur to the mechanical integrity of the connector and guide rail system when 100N is applied to any direction in the x , y and z plane at the end of the optical connector. ( A mechanical stop must be included in the design )
  13. Module plug/unplug cycle requirement 100 minimum
  14. Module insertion/de-insertion forces for Z-axis style must be less than 20N
  15. Electrical connector must support 10 and 20 contacts
  16. Z-Axis hot plugable
  17. + 1.2 mm rail system height
  18. ? - Can the 1.2 mm rail height increase at some point behind the bezel
  19. + 1.5 mm min spacing between top of rail system and bottom of module PCB
  20. Electrical performance up to 5Gbd.
  21. Minimal licensing cost fees. "non-discriminatory and reasonable"
  22. Goal: Whole solution (connector and guide rail) <$1
  23. Minimize holes in customer PCB
  24. Define single bezel opening to support all three connectors
  25. + Chassis ground must be available from the rail system
  26. + Signal ground in electrical connector only
  27. EMI for open ports needs to be addressed by MSA document
  28. Electrical performance: 100 ohm differential impedance I/O requirement objective for the
  29. connector system.
  30. Contact current 500mA minimum per contact.
  31. Pin sequencing required for Z-axis. Assumed to be minimum of two grounds for early make and late break.
  32. Capacitors, decoupling, coupling, terminations need to be defined
  33. Pin definitions need to be defined
  34. 3.3V only
  35. Z-axis soft start: Module or host?
  36. PCB layout demonstrated, including PS filtering, data/clock lines etc. (i.e. Application note)
  37. Environmental Conditions
  38. + Audible or physical indication that module is engaged/disengaged
  39. + Rail system must include sufficient lead-in to prevent mis-engagement
  40. + Mechanical latch does not enter into optical port